This Compact, lightweight, high-frequency electronic ballast is designed to operate off the 230V AC mains supply at 50-60 Hz and is suitable for 36 – 40 W fluorescent tubes.

The advantages of such a ballast are:

  • Saving in Energy
  • Longevity of tube
  • Low noise
  • Operates at low voltages
  • No Flickering
  • No heat
  • Instant-Start operation
  • Minimal Weight
  • No Starter Required

This unit cost me less than $2 to build.

Step 1: Caution


This unit operates off the AC mains with a voltage of 230 Volts and voltages generated within the unit can reach 600 to 800 Volts. Extreme caution must be exercised while building, testing and using this unit.

At a minimum a VARIAC (Variable AC transformer), Isolation transformer and meters for monitoring the input voltage and current are required during initial testing of the prototype units.

It is strongly suggested that you go through the excellent Instructable "Work safely with high voltage" by kovo:


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...or you can take out the electronic ballast from an old energy saving bulb...<br><br>but nice tutorial nevertheless
That's true, but making them is a lot cooler and much more knowledge is gained this way, which is what most people come to Instructables for.

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