video Electronic security code lock system
Hi friends, This is a video for testing operations, your comments and suggestions are very helpful for next version of this system. If you have any idea we can work together for developing system. Here you can get information about hardware configuration, user operations and silent operations.

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Hardware Configuration:
- 16 x 2 LCD User interface display
- Password Input by 4 x 3 keyboard  matrix with 0-9,* and # keys are in use
- Stepper motor is connected for locking and unlocking operations.
- There is an option for Relay, Servo Motor, DC Motor or Electro Magnet also.
- There is a green and red light indication.
- If door is locked red led will on, or on unlock green will on.
- Buzzer indication for errors and ok states

User Operation:
- For first time default password is 1234 then user can it by new password.
- Enter correct password for unlocking operation.
- System will gives error message for each wrong operation.
- Only unlock on correct password.
- User can change password by pressing 9999.
- It will ask for current password,
- If it is ok then ask for new password, then display it for 2 second.
- User can lock door any time by pressing * (Star) button.
- In door unlock mode as well as in password change mode.

Silent Operation:
- On system starts, stepper motor will find the home position using lever switch
- It will getting input from external lever switch
- When get input from lever switch, it will conform home position.
- In home position door is in lock mode.
- Stepper motor is in release mode (power off mode) after each operation.
- This operation is helpful for power saving.
- Password will save in microcontroller memory.
- In power off condition circuit will remember password without any battery backup.
- When door is unlocked and user will press * then it will give message for already unlocked condition.

Thanks for your attention.
can u send me copy of this project
arshad.pathan (author)  deepakshresth1 year ago
mail me on my gmail id as in video, i will replay you.

First of all i would like to tanks for your creativity!

My name is Tesfaye Tsegaye i am electrical - electronics student now i want to make Electronics security code lock system with password for senior project. if you are help me i am interested to make this project. Our project submitting date coming soon which means after two month, so i want detail information about programming and all steps. Have a nice time. I will wait your answer. I hope you will be help me. Good bey!

Turnpike7a10 months ago

this would be a excellent instructable, if it did that instruct, this is just a show off and attention grabber... final video uploads alone do not help people in building, recreating, or modifying a design for personal use. if you want to be a good contributor to the site then do so in a manner that is conducive to others and give all the information that is required so that we don't have to ask you for the parts list, code, schematics etc

sir plz tell how to make this lock system step by step plzz....

hemant.cdy1 year ago

Sir can u email me the circuit plz my email id

bale111 year ago

how does the lock work ? do i know if its open or locked ... i can't see that in ur vdeo

animushi3 years ago
arshad..can you send me how to build the electronic component that you use on its??
arshad.pathan (author)  animushi1 year ago
mail me on my gmail id as in video, i will replay you.
Can you please send me how you made this thing and parts list?
arshad.pathan (author)  Jr. Circuits1 year ago
mail me on my gmail id as in video, i will replay you.
karthikm2 years ago
Hi, how much did the entire project cost? Also could you send me a copy of the motor controlling part of the project? my email address is
arshad.pathan (author)  karthikm1 year ago
mail me on my gmail id as in video, i will replay you.
Nashki_302 years ago
hello arshad.pathan.....can you send me the source code for the Electronic security code lock system email is you....
arshad.pathan (author)  Nashki_301 year ago
mail me on my gmail id as in video, i will replay you.
nodoubtman1 year ago
servo motor?
arshad.pathan (author)  nodoubtman1 year ago
No i am using stepper motor in this case, but we can use servo motor, electromagnet or dc motor also this is as per requirement
what is the code to make this type of device?
ytwati3 years ago
How much it cost for the controller and the LCD
arshad.pathan (author)  ytwati3 years ago
it was approximate 8$ for controller and 13$ for LCD.
what ic are you using?
arshad.pathan (author)  blinkyblinky3 years ago

i am using ATMega16 for controller.