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Introduction: Electronics Hobby Shop: the Detailed Tour

This is the place where I do most of my tinkering. I have a separate bench for my heavier tools, which I don't find as interesting. So every picture that follows is from this corner of my workspace. Several of the pics show simple ideas that are easy to make or implement and which might be of interest to other Instructablers out there.



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    Soooooooooooo perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want to cry comparing yours to mine.....

    I would like to see an instructable on the drill and the glue gun. Nice Shop

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    Thanks! Those mods are 20% inspiration, 5% ingenuity, and 110% Dremel-work. If they ever break and I have to start over, I'll be sure to document it!

    The drill looks like a Black and Decker VPX 1201 what was the matter with it? I've used mine even underwater I put it in a plastic bag (long story). I never had to do any modifications to mine in order to get it to work though. Well other than putting it into a plastic bag to make it "waterproof".

    Nothing is wrong with that one. I replaced the clunky trigger switch with a MOSFET actuated by a 6mm tactile switch. And I rigged it to take bare lithium cells, rechargeable with a bench PSU. It's been holding up great.

    Now, I bought a second one, and that's a different story. It broke after a few uses. Stripped gear.

    I bought almost the whole VPX line when they discontinued it and had it all at the B&D outlet here. Everything except the tire inflator and the USB charger. I think I only paid like $8 for that drill. I use it for light duty like screws in PC cases. I just wish I'd picked up another flashlight while they had them in stock. It is the piece I use the most.

    It'd be nice if that drill was variable speed but I guess it's not that important. Though I do like making motor speed controllers and might tackle the project sometime.

    great idea for the tool rack! i'm building a workbench in my room this weekend, and i just took apart an old printer so i'm definately going to make one :D

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    Thanks! I've spent countless hours thinking up and fabricating custom racks/trays/organizers for my growing collection of smaller instruments. Alas, most of these contraptions eventually find their way to the junk bin after the novelty wears off. This one was no exception... but only because I made one just like it, only 3 times bigger!

    A pack of 1/4" cylindrical neodymium magnets seals the deal. :)

    wow thats awesome. yeah most things do after being used a lot. lol where do you get the neodymium magnets?"

    Amazon or Ebay.

    The only part that wasnt cool was; when ever there was an apostrophe, it inserted ' instead. Great workshop though, I still wondering how to organise mine. I've seen one where the person converted a wardrobe, and I will try that :-)

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    The comment didnt show the code... Without the spaces it was & a p o s ;

    Thanks! Yeah, one day I'll go back and remove those darn apostrophes. I saw the converted wardrobe, too! It's nice to know it's there when needed, but I can't imagine doing anything at a space that small. Even when working on a tiny project, it often gets buried under a pile of tools... and that's with a 6 foot table. :)

    Yeah same here. I was going to try make is easy to keep clean. Not as easy as it sounds.

    Test tube rack for components = awesome!

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    Yes, I agree! I can at least prototype many simple circuit designs if not create the final build just out of that test tube rack. This allows me to put many of the larger parts away using more efficient, if less accessible, storage/organization schemes.