Some musical instruments have become electronic like organs, guitars, and drums. Try to make a few of them.
Music LED Light Box style
My original LED light cube got allot of reactions. Some of them where about making the LED's react to music. This did sound very interesting and I found some instructables on here. Unfortunatel...
ResoDrums -- Electronic Hand Percussion style
This is an electronic instrument played like a hand drum but with synth sounds. It is both sensor and speaker, so you can actually feel the sounds with your hands as you make them (the computer sound...
How to Build a Luzboard (Electronic Instrument) style
This is an electronic instrument played similarly to a keyboard with some fun effects. A light sensor is attached to the computer that controls the timber (sound) of the pitches. You can play a chroma...
How to build an AirHarp style
The AirHarp is a type of digital autoharp that allows musicians of diverse skill levels to play music of advanced harmonic complexity simply by pressing four pushbuttons and "strumming" invisible harp...
Build Your Own Electric Guitar! style
Have you ever looked at a guitar and wondered, "How do they make that?" Or thought to yourself, "I bet that I could build my own guitar," but never actually tried it? I have built several electri...
Devil face Electric Guitar diy. style
I like to you show how i created a electric guitar from using part from an old strat replica. I always wanted unique design. iI was feedup seeing gibson and fender replicas. So i decided to make own d...
Guitar Project style
So I have been planning on building a guitar for quite some time now.  I play some and I like to make things quite  a bit, this seemed like a fun project so I got started.  A few friends asked for pic...
How to make an electronic piano with a 555 IC style
In this instructable i hope to be able to show you how to make a simple toy piano using a 555 timer ic and a few basic components. This my first electronics project on perfboard and there are probably...
Atari Punk Organ, a simple 555 synthesizer style
This is my Atari punk organ, it is a 555 timer piano run through an Atari punk console monostable generator, the piano is based on another instructable I made:
Dual Atari Punk Console style
The Stepped Tone Generator designed by Forrest M. Mims III, more commonly known as an 'Atari Punk Console' is a lot of fun to play around with; however you can only do so much with it. I built this on...
Make a Simple Audio Amplifier style
It is my first instructable.Lets see how to make an audio amplifier which you can use with any of your musical instruments like guitar,piano and with ipod and other devices.So Lets begin the journey.....
Wearable Toy Piano style
A Toy Piano embedded on a T-shirt. It has 8 keys from Do to Do (1 octave). You can play simple music by wearing the shirt and pushing the fabric button on the shirt. All the components from the toy pi...