Step 6: Reflections with Cat Vader

Picture of Reflections with Cat Vader
Okay, so far we've covered 5 topics;

1. The Atom
2.  The Atomic Charge
3.  The Atomic Shell
4.  Ions and Isotopes
5.  Conductors, Semi-conductors, and Insulators

Important things to remember for an aspiring Electronics Tech;

1.  Electronics is concerned with the manipulation of electrons.
2.  Atoms are made up of sub-particles: Electron, Proton, and Neutron.
3.  Electrons have negative charge, Proton is positive and Neutron is neutral or no charge.
4.  A conductor has 3 or less electrons in its outermost atomic shell.
5.  A semi-conductor has have 4 electrons in its outermost atomic shell.
6.  An insulator has 5 or more electrons in its outermost atomic shell.
7.  Conductors allow the flow of electrons with ease.
8.  Semi-conductors produce resistance to electrons, which controls how much electrons can flow through them.
9.  Insulators do not allow electrons to flow.

More is to come, may the fur be with you.
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av all information in my brain upto this far thank you