Electronics kit for the visually impaired. Instructables Competition to design an electronics kit inspired me to produce this prototype kit for the visually impaired. As far as I know there is not a kit like this on the market. PDF and CWZ files can be downloaded here: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0BzmJxxD-Z4B6bTVULUNxUmJHc1E&usp=sharing

CWZ files are for circuit wizard. Download a trial here: http://www.new-wave-concepts.com/demo.html

2r2 resistor x 1
470uf 25v capacitor x 3
8 ohm speaker
audio jack plug
9v battery clip
14 pin dil
9v battery

I have made four of these. If you would like one to use with your child or you’re a teacher please contact me and I will post one to you.

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