Here is a necklace that I created that looks really classy :) Hope you'll be able to follow through the steps.

Step 1:

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First, with an arm span of thread I thread in a seed bead and place it at the center of the thread followed by a pearl.
Sharon H9 months ago
I can't wait to make this, I practiced with beads that don't really go together. Can't wait to get the colors I want. Beautiful
lizliz031 year ago
I made this necklace for my mom. She loved it!!!!!
dolfngirls32 years ago
I am unable to find where to load the PDF for this beautiful necklace. I thought it was free but when I get to the DIY site, it has a price of $4.50. Thanks for any advice/help. dolfngirls3@comcast.net
Now that is really fancy! I love how it's just continuous weaving. I hate when you have to cute and start again some place. Very, very nice :D