Elegant Bird Wedding Favour


Introduction: Elegant Bird Wedding Favour

I made these little paper birds to put chocolate eggs in as wedding favours this summer and they were so popular that I thought they might be worth repeating. A Korean lady from my church even asked me to sign a peacock and took it home.

I made 12 different birds and named each table after a bird.

Step 1: Get Cutting File

You could print out this shape and cut it with a scalpel or scissors or you could download the digital file from my etsy page for a price to make it look professional along with the other 12 birds with instructions.


Most cities have a company with a laser cutting service or use a CNC machine like the silhouette portrait.


Red lines are for cutting, green lines are for folding.

Step 2: Fold the Base

Fold the bird in half and fold the base of the bird in on both sides.

The tabs will line up as per the numbers shown. This will hold the shape together and the tail up.

Step 3: Fold the Body

Squash fold the body on both sides as shown.

Step 4: Fold Head

Inside reverse fold head.

Inside reverse fold head again.

Step 5: Fill Your Bird

Fill your bird with whatever you want.

I used 6 golden chocolate eggs.

Step 6: Do Another Bird

There are 12 birds to choose from. Choose your favourite and get folding!



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