Elegant Chocolate Orange Cookies

Picture of Elegant Chocolate Orange Cookies
I have always loved chocolate orange as a flavour combination, and also making things that look a bit different, and a bit 'special' I suppose! I like to get that wow factor when you present a bakery project, and I love these cookies because they get just that response, and yet they are so incredibly easy! This recipe makes about 20 cookies, give or take

You Will Need:

225g Unsalted butter
185g Icing sugar
1 egg
300g Plain Flour
~10 drops good quality orange flavouring
2tsp baking powder
generous pinch of salt

2 large oranges
150g plain chocolate
75g granulated sugar

If you have an electric mixer then fantastic, if not then a wooden spoon or whisk will do the job, my mixer is currently misbehaving so I did it manually and it was just as good.
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Step 1: Making the cookie dough

Picture of Making the cookie dough
Firstly make sure your butter is softened to room temperature, it makes the cookie come together smoother, and much easier to mix. Put into a bowl and sift the icing sugar into it. Mix well until light and fluffy. In a seperate bowl whisk your egg and flavouring together. I use a concentrated essence that only needs a few drops, and it tasts so true to that seville orange flavour that I think it is worth using. Go by the instructions on the bottle, a normal supermarket essence will probably need 2 tsp depending on your tastes. Add the whisked egg to the butter sugar mix and combine well. Then sift in the flour, baking powder and salt into the mixture. Do this in about three lots to get a smooth consistency. By the time the last lot of flour is fully mixed in the dough should have come together to form a soft springy ball that is no longer sticky. Don't be afraid to work it with your hands to make it come together smoothly.

Once the dough is done, leave it in the bowl at room temperature while you prepare the oranges. The dough becomes more workable after a rest.
threadbareandthrifty (author) 2 years ago
Yeah the peel goes soft and sweet, with just a little tang! Delicious!
These sounds tasty! I've never had candied orange, once it's candied you can eat the peel and it tastes good?