Picture of Elegant Homemade Necklace
This simple necklace is beautiful and easy to make. It makes a perfect gift to a girlfriend for valentines, birthday,christmas(hopefully this isn't all you get her), or just to say "I Love You".  You can use these techniques to create more stylish works.  I will be showing you how to make the necklace pictured below but feel free to be creative.  Send me pictures of the ones that you have made!
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Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies
For this Instructable you will need:
Wire cutters
Needle nose pliers
Beads of your choice (you can get special neat ones at wal-mart or a craft store)
Craft Chain (bought at craft store)
Fasteners (also at craft store)
Craft wire (jewelers wire works best)

Step 2: Cutting To Size

Picture of Cutting To Size
 Using your wire cutters, choose the size of you necklace and cut (I used a 18 inch strand). Cut both sides of the dividing link and remove the fragments. You know have a baseline for your necklace

Choosing the right size necklace
If you are a girl you can play with the chain to determine the correct size for you (closer or farther from the breast)
If you are a guy (like me) find out what your girl likes as far as necklace length. If you don't know what she prefers, do your best mock up on yourself (keeping in mind your neck and chest are broader than hers)

Step 3: Setting Up A Pattern

Picture of Setting Up A Pattern
Finding a pattern:   Some ways to get ideas is to look at jewelry stores online.  The design we will use today is just a simple centered necklace.  When you have chosen your pattern(s) , do a mock up by laying out the beads in order against the chain.  Doing this will give you a preview of your necklace 
imajem2 years ago
I've had success supergluing an 11* seed bead to the end of the dangle to start it off, then procede with the pattern....
black_lily3 years ago
It's a great idea for when you run out of head-pins/eye-pins and all you have left is craft wire
awojahn3 years ago
I would suggest using head pins for something that dangles... then all you have to worry about is the top loop.
dotskip4 years ago
Yes, definitely cut the tail, use a file to smooth the end after cutting the tail. Very pretty necklace.
harryhydro5 years ago
A nice touch is the addition of a magnetic clasp......
ERCBIENG (author)  harryhydro5 years ago
I've tried that and the magnets always stick to the chain and wad up.  I find that the regular clasp does the trick just fine
swani5 years ago
I admire you for attempting this! You have a good eye for layout and color. You might want to think about cutting off the tails of your wire-wraps and crimping the ends into the wrap. Those tails snag on clothes and scratch skin.
Gorgeous!! I need to make some! I love making gifts for people :)
hishealer5 years ago

Very nice!  People don't believe me, but most jewelry making is really just this simple!  It's more about creativity than complexity.  5 stars!

the necklace is very nice and i like the idea of giving gifts that one has made.