This simple necklace is beautiful and easy to make. It makes a perfect gift to a girlfriend for valentines, birthday,christmas(hopefully this isn't all you get her), or just to say "I Love You".  You can use these techniques to create more stylish works.  I will be showing you how to make the necklace pictured below but feel free to be creative.  Send me pictures of the ones that you have made!

Step 1: Supplies

For this Instructable you will need:
Wire cutters
Needle nose pliers
Beads of your choice (you can get special neat ones at wal-mart or a craft store)
Craft Chain (bought at craft store)
Fasteners (also at craft store)
Craft wire (jewelers wire works best)

I've had success supergluing an 11* seed bead to the end of the dangle to start it off, then procede with the pattern....
It's a great idea for when you run out of head-pins/eye-pins and all you have left is craft wire
I would suggest using head pins for something that dangles... then all you have to worry about is the top loop.
Yes, definitely cut the tail, use a file to smooth the end after cutting the tail. Very pretty necklace.
A nice touch is the addition of a magnetic clasp......<br />
I've tried that and the magnets always stick to the chain and wad up. &nbsp;I find that the regular clasp does the trick just fine
I admire you for attempting this! You have a good eye for layout and color. You might want to think about cutting off the tails of your wire-wraps and crimping the ends into the wrap. Those tails snag on clothes and scratch skin.<br />
Gorgeous!! I need to make some! I love making gifts for people :)
<p>Very nice!&nbsp; People don't believe me, but most jewelry making is really just this simple!&nbsp; It's more about creativity than complexity.&nbsp; 5 stars!</p>
the necklace is very nice and i like the idea of giving gifts that one has made.<br />

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