Elegant Lightbulb Flower Vase w/ copper & wooden base - Repurposed & Reused

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 Ok here is a nice gift to make and give for the holidays...or any time of the year for that matter. It's a vase made from a repurposed lightbulb and some scrap copper with a pine wood base. Very simple!

Best of all it doesn't cost you much...just time and effort. Awesome! So here we go....


* 1 Burnt out incandescent appliance bulb (mine was a 60w)

* 1 Small scrap piece of copper approx. 15" - 16" long (mine was 8 guage thick...I think!)

* 1 Wooden base (mine is 4" x 4" bought at Hobby Lobby craft store)

* Power drill w/ wood bit bit (drill bit should be same size diameter of copper wire so it fits in hole SNUG!)

* Hot glue gun

* Staple gun

* 4 small upholstery tacks

* Cabots Wood Stain (mine was Walnut)

...and add in some rags to the mix, eye-protection, rubber gloves, small screwdriver, razor blade, needle-nose pliers...that should about do it for now. You will find that you might need a different assortment of tools, more or less, but these are the basics...any other tools needed I will point out as we go. :)

Step 1: Wooden base and stain...

Picture of Wooden base and stain...
 This part is pretty straight forward. You can cut and shape your own wooden base if you'd like...but I bought mine. I have about 20+ of these to make as gifts, plus friends have asked to buy some so they can "gift" them. 

 Taking a drill (with a drill bit the same size as the copper wire) I then made a hole about a 1/2 inch in from the top edge and centered in the middle. Once the hole is drilled it is on to the next step. You can see I have a pile completed already!!


 Again, straight forward, pretty simple. I followed directions on the can's lable from Cabot. Gloves, clean & lint free rags and a bit of elbow grease. I followed directions and repeated until I found the shade I was looking for. I used a walnut stain but also have a dark cherry and a couple others I use. You could paint it black, green, yellow, whatever you like....set aside to dry.
diamondemb made it!3 months ago
Here's the one I made.
kirnex2 years ago
Have to agree with linrodann--this is probably the nicest looking lightbulb vase I've seen thus far--plus I appreciate how thorough your instructions are. One of the other Instructables here tells people to go do a search on Youtube to find out how to remove the metal and ceramic base, so I appreciate that you show your method for doing so clearly.

Thanks for sharing this with us. :)
linrodann2 years ago
I've seen lots of lightbulb vases, but yours has the nicest stand. :)
jawasan (author)  linrodann2 years ago
Thank you :)
Johnny 5C2 years ago
Love it. One question. What is the little gold sleeve over the copper wire?
Ian01 Johnny 5C2 years ago
To me it looks like one of the pieces used to connect flexible tubes (like 1/4" vinyl tube) to whatever you want to connect them to. It might be called a ferrule; that's a generic term for any tubular metal fitting.
jawasan (author)  Ian012 years ago
yep i recignize that name now from the guy at the hardware strore...ferrule! ;)
Thanks Iano1
jawasan (author)  Johnny 5C2 years ago
I am not sure exactly what it is called....I found it in the same section as the crush washers, copper and brass fittings, etc....I think the person called it a ferrin, or something like that.....
I will be at the hardware store tomorrow and will post up the correct name for ya'. :)
sunshiine2 years ago
I love it!
Beautiful! I just got rid of a bunch of old light bulbs! Knew I should have held onto them!
jawasan (author)  Penolopy Bulnick2 years ago
Next time then!! Thanks for the props too. :)
This is brilliant!
jawasan (author)  Muhaiminah Faiz2 years ago
Thanks...saved me some $$ for Christmas this year too! :) If I had wood working tools i would make the bases myself as well. One day...one day...