Ok here is a nice gift to make and give for the holidays...or any time of the year for that matter. It's a vase made from a repurposed lightbulb and some scrap copper with a pine wood base. Very simple!

Best of all it doesn't cost you much...just time and effort. Awesome! So here we go....


* 1 Burnt out incandescent appliance bulb (mine was a 60w)

* 1 Small scrap piece of copper approx. 15" - 16" long (mine was 8 guage thick...I think!)

* 1 Wooden base (mine is 4" x 4" bought at Hobby Lobby craft store)

* Power drill w/ wood bit bit (drill bit should be same size diameter of copper wire so it fits in hole SNUG!)

* Hot glue gun

* Staple gun

* 4 small upholstery tacks

* Cabots Wood Stain (mine was Walnut)

...and add in some rags to the mix, eye-protection, rubber gloves, small screwdriver, razor blade, needle-nose pliers...that should about do it for now. You will find that you might need a different assortment of tools, more or less, but these are the basics...any other tools needed I will point out as we go. :)

Step 1: Wooden Base and Stain...

 This part is pretty straight forward. You can cut and shape your own wooden base if you'd like...but I bought mine. I have about 20+ of these to make as gifts, plus friends have asked to buy some so they can "gift" them. 

 Taking a drill (with a drill bit the same size as the copper wire) I then made a hole about a 1/2 inch in from the top edge and centered in the middle. Once the hole is drilled it is on to the next step. You can see I have a pile completed already!!


 Again, straight forward, pretty simple. I followed directions on the can's lable from Cabot. Gloves, clean & lint free rags and a bit of elbow grease. I followed directions and repeated until I found the shade I was looking for. I used a walnut stain but also have a dark cherry and a couple others I use. You could paint it black, green, yellow, whatever you like....set aside to dry.
<p>Hi, I've added your project to the <em>&quot;</em><em>Unusual Uses for Light-Bulbs</em><em>&quot;</em> Collection</p><p>This is the link If you are interested:</p><p><a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Unusual-Uses-for-Light-Bulbs/">https://www.instructables.com/id/Unusual-Uses-for-L...</a></p>
Here's the one I made.<br>Thanks
Have to agree with linrodann--this is probably the nicest looking lightbulb vase I've seen thus far--plus I appreciate how thorough your instructions are. One of the other Instructables here tells people to go do a search on Youtube to find out how to remove the metal and ceramic base, so I appreciate that you show your method for doing so clearly. <br> <br>Thanks for sharing this with us. :)
I've seen lots of lightbulb vases, but yours has the nicest stand. :)
Thank you :) <br>
Love it. One question. What is the little gold sleeve over the copper wire?
To me it looks like one of the pieces used to connect flexible tubes (like 1/4&quot; vinyl tube) to whatever you want to connect them to. It might be called a ferrule; that's a generic term for any tubular metal fitting.
yep i recignize that name now from the guy at the hardware strore...ferrule! ;) <br>Thanks Iano1
I am not sure exactly what it is called....I found it in the same section as the crush washers, copper and brass fittings, etc....I think the person called it a ferrin, or something like that.....<br>I will be at the hardware store tomorrow and will post up the correct name for ya'. :)
I love it!
Beautiful! I just got rid of a bunch of old light bulbs! Knew I should have held onto them!
Next time then!! Thanks for the props too. :)
This is brilliant!
Thanks...saved me some $$ for Christmas this year too! :) If I had wood working tools i would make the bases myself as well. One day...one day...

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