Introduction: Elephant-Vac

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Transform a vacuum cleaner into an elephant.

With this vacuum cleaner, you need no longer to vacuum by yourself!

Every visitor will beg to use it. Perhaps he even pays for it.

And you have enough time to read "Tom Sawyer" ;)

Step 1: The Frame

I made a frame out of wood that fits good but not perfect on the vac.

I covered the corners of the vac with aluminum foil and filled the corners with hot glue.

Step 2: The Cage

I glued more little boards on the frame to make a cage

On the back I removed a piece, so the cable can slip in.

Step 3: Forming an Elephant

I glued veneer strips on the cage with hot glue.

I tried my best, it should look like an elphant, but I am not very good in modelling.

Step 4: How the Switch Work

The idea was, to turn the tusks to put the vac on and off.

Two long dowels go from the front to the back.

Guideways hold them in place.

A wooden finger on the dowels presses the button if the dowel turns.

Step 5: Making Tusks

The tusks were modeled on a band sander, finished by hand and glued on the dowels.

Step 6: The Skin

The skin was made with 3 layers of paper mache.

Step 7: The Feet

I didn't want flat feet. So, I covered a balloon with paper mache. After the glue was dry, I cut disks out and glued them on the feet.

Step 8: Ears and Eyes

The ears are made of 3 layers of paper.

To make the eyes, I put a drop of epoxy into a washer on black paper.

For some decorations, I printed colorful mandalas on my printer, cut it out and glued it on the elephant.

Step 9: The Result

Instead of thousand words, please watch the video

If you use a mobile device, use this link .

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    Your idea is so cool! You inspired me an idea to dress up my Roomba. If I do it, I will share the results with you.

    1 reply

    Thank you and good luck.

    Your idea is so cool! You inspired me an idea to dress up my Roomba. If I do it, I will share the results with you.

    Oh man, what an awesome project! Who doesn't wish their vacuum cleaner was really an elephant?

    How did you come up with this idea?

    1 reply

    Thank you, I am glad you like it. The idea comes from "Tom Sawyer". The question was: What can I do, that everybody wants to vacuum the room?

    LOVE IT!! I collect elephants so now I have to find a canister vac like yours so I can add an ele-vac to my collection. The idea was perfect and I can't imagine a better way to turn idea to realty. You certainly had an elephan idea!

    1 reply

    This is so fun! How to you empty everything that was vacuumed up?

    1 reply

    Thank you, Troy! You can easily lift the elephant and empty the bag.