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As a parent of three soccer players, I quickly tired of spending $100 or more to get elevated video from a "professional" videographer. I decided to use my window washing extension pole to get the camera up high - just needed an adaptor for the camcorder....

Here are my youtube videos

Step 1: The Finished Product

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The adaptor is attached to a 16' 3-piece Unger extension pole (home depot)

The video out cable is pulled down to direct the camera at near field action

I set the zoom to catch a third of the field and then leave it alone.

Note the strain relief to protect the video out connection - that's a clove hitch for you boy scouts.

The athletic tape covers the mic to prevent wind noise and mumbled snarky comments about the coach or other people's kids.

Step 2: The Adaptor

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  • Scrap metal strap
  • 4" strap hinge
  • Springs (or shock cord)
  • Squeeze clamp (used in underground sprinklers)
  • A chain link connector (quick link)
  • 1/4 inch bolts, lock nuts, wing nuts
  • Fishing line or cord
  • Wooden tool adaptor (here)


  • A sprinkler squeeze clamp holds the springs to the base of the wooden adaptor
  • A wood rasp is used to flatten one side of the adaptor so you can mount the strap hinge
  • The 3.5" bolt is bent to vertical, its wing nut is used to tighten down the camera
  • The fishing line is looped over the forward wing nut and through the groove
  • I had to drill out the holes on the strap hinge to fit the 1/4" hardware

Step 3: The Viewfinder

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  • A vehicle back up camera ($15 on amazon)
  • A 12V power supply
  • Zip ties for strain relief (so you can pull down without disconnecting the cable)
  • 6' RCA extension cable
  • 3' video out cable (should come with camcorder)

The video signal and the battery power have to both be live for the display to come on

Step 4: The Tripod

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Two adjustable tent poles

(drill holes through tops)

3/4" PVC Elbow and 1" Plug bolted together at a 45 degree angle

(drill holes to match the poles and use hanger wire to as a pin to join)

Stretch cord and small tent stake

1" PVC 4-way

(unscrew the tightening handles on the washer pole and insert through)

The stretch cord should be tensioned to pull the assembly up into the tightening handle.

Step 5: The Handle and Monitor Mount

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1" PVC Elbow and Cap bolted to monitor mount

Saddle Tee and Sprinkler riser for rotation handle

(Note the adjustable chain link embedded in the saddle tee - it is used to redirect the fishing line 90 degrees)

1/2" PVC tee and cap with eye hook to hold cable

(as you raise the camera the cable should tighten up, then you just pull the line to point the camera down)

PVC structure mount Tees and close nipple to hold battery pack


RitaR30 (author)2017-04-24

Hello. I watch sports here for free,

DenQ (author)2016-05-09

very interisting, :-)

ChineseDevoloper (author)2015-12-07

Hmm, Good job lady(man,I don't know)

SEKTHEBOSS (author)2015-12-02

You could also buy/make a drone to get the same effect. But this is awesome for it as well.

DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2015-11-09

Great looking video rig. Overhead shots really catch much better action.

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