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Introduction: Elevation Knex Ball Machine

About: [back in buisness] Hello people! My name is Martijn. Welcome to my page. Here you will find various knex items i have built, mostly ball machines. Currently i am working on a ball machine, featuring as al...
finally here is the instructable from my newest knex ball machine elevation. it has four lifts divided into two networks. three of these lifts are new: the door lift, the returning arm lift and the parallel arm lift. there is a wheel lift too.
Elevation has 9 paths: 4 at network 1 and 5 at network 2. the path separator at network 2 is a new one i came up after watching dragon gem. there are also many new elements and an E on top %D
video is below



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    Hi martijnb95. I am trying to remake the returning arm lift and was wondering, where is the motor located on picture 19?

    gesloopt en gesorteerd.
    ik ben bezig met een nieuwe :)

    heb je daar al foto's van ?

    ik vind de returning arm lift cool hoe heb je die gemaakt????

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    ik wilde een ible maken, maar de foto's zijn verloren.....
    geen instructies dus :(

    alls mijn ballmachine klaar is laat ik wel foto's zien

    hoeft niet, ik abonneer me wel op je.

    You have the best and most amazing ball machine I have ever seen! Thank you so much for putting the video and the pictures. We are going to make one like yours.

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    I have made the elements so far that you have showed for Elevation. Now I am making the arm lift. Thank you for putting it online.
    The only thing I did differently is on these pictures I will send you. On one, I made it so it releases with just one ball. Your designs are very good.


    I (finally) put the three first pictures in my elements guide. thanks for the support!

    Thanks for the awesome comment! I would like to see your bsll machine. Have you seen the elements instructable yet? There are lots of step by step instructions for elements.