The True Heroes of Christmas




Introduction: The True Heroes of Christmas

This Elf model was created by me, Gavin Thompson, using the Maya 2015 Student edition for entry into the 2014 White House 3D printed Ornaments contest.

I chose elves over the other standard holiday motifs and symbols because they don't usually receive the fanfare or recognition that Santa does despite the work that they do. Elves represent the common people by working and doing their best every day to help others, even if it is a thankless job. It is this tireless work ethic and charity that sets elves apart, they work hard for others, regardless of the season, for even the smallest difference in the life of the smallest child and it is that lesson, above all, that Christmas should impart: work for others and you will make a difference.

Step 1: Download the STL

Download the STL file

3D print your very own elf.

Step 2:



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