My solution is easy and simple. This INSTRUCTABLE lets you plug your lighted STAR TOPPER into the Christmas tree light string, just like a bulb.

Do you have to run a separate extension chord from your Christmas tree star topper to have it light up ? Many times the Christmas lights don't go end to end (plug-in to plug-in end) so to enable your topper to light up, you have to run another extension chord down the back of the tree.  This INSTRUCTABLE fixes that problem.

Step 1: Five Things You Need

You will need;
1) Black electrical tape
2) needle nose pliers
3) a Christmas ornament revolver / ornamotor
( these can be found in most stores for  5 $ - 10$. They usually come with special individual ornaments,  in their own boxes. They allow an ornament of your choice to revolve /spin slowly)
4)  Two plastic twist on connectors
5) Tree topper star that lights up ( or your choice of one)

Umm I think that might me a fire hazard. I have a better idea just start your tree lighting with a female plug at the top.

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