Elizabethan Collar





Introduction: Elizabethan Collar

I had this pretty cool Elizabethan costume with a stand-up collar already on it. But it was lacking something....

Step 1:

I found a plain white cross at a thrift store, painted it gold, added a jewel and sewed some pearls onto the dress, but it still didn't have the oomph that I wanted for this costume.......

Step 2:

Ah ha! I had an old petticoat from a costume that I was never going to wear (one of those Leg Avenue things that you have to be a size 0 to fit into). I folded that in half, put it on my cutting board, and started coating it with Mod Podge. I let the first side dry overnight, flipped it over and gave the other side a good coat of it. After that side was dry, I used hot glue to put a strand of pearls around the edge.

Step 3:

I slipped it over my neck and now I have a costume fit for a queen..........



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Nicely done. Thanks for sharing this!