Last year on the MAKE YouTube channel, commenters started saying I looked like the singer from the English synth-pop duo La Roux. Here's how to get the Mondrian jacket look from the video for their song Bulletproof. You can also make your own "neo cameo" necklace with a laser cutter and these files on Thingiverse.

You can also find this tutorial on Make: Projects.

Find more photos in my La Roux costume Flickr set.

Step 1:

Find a plain white blazer or jacket to start.

Remove pockets from the jacket with a seam ripper.


great job you look just like her
I think I'm gonna make one, but not just for halloween...I really L.O.V.E. that jacket ^^P<br>
This is amazing! i can't wait to make mine
OMG that is AMAZING!!!!!!
woah thats really good! I always liked that jacket.
Woah! you are lookin JUST like her! Great Job!

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