Picture of Elly Jackson - La Roux Halloween Costume
Last year on the MAKE YouTube channel, commenters started saying I looked like the singer from the English synth-pop duo La Roux. Here's how to get the Mondrian jacket look from the video for their song Bulletproof. You can also make your own "neo cameo" necklace with a laser cutter and these files on Thingiverse.

You can also find this tutorial on Make: Projects.

Find more photos in my La Roux costume Flickr set.

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Step 1:

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Find a plain white blazer or jacket to start.

Remove pockets from the jacket with a seam ripper.

Step 2:

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Create a pattern from one of the pockets by tracing it onto paper.

Use a ruler to "square off" the corners.

Step 3:

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Cut pockets from a thick folded layer of each colored fabric.

Make sure the fold is at the top edge of the pocket.

The yellow and green pockets are rectangular, so I squared up my pattern before cutting the square red and blue ones.

Step 4:

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Cut and iron a ton of 3/4" wide black binding. If I had to do it over, I'd probably order some black bias tape.

Step 5:

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Pin binding around 3 raw sides of pockets, leaving the layered fold at the top.

Step 6:

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Straighten the front flaps of the jacket by opening up the seam with a seam ripper.

Cut off the excess fabric and use an iron to press in a new, straighter flap. Sew with white thread.

Step 7:

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Pin and sew binding to jacket around the front edges, inside of collar, and cuffs.

Because the bottom front corners of my jacket weren't square, I fudged it by extending the binding out past the edge.

Step 8:

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Pin and sew on pockets!

There's a bit of binding detailing over the shoulders and on the sides as well.

Step 9:

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Sew on five black buttons. Don't worry about buttonholes, you'll wear the jacket open!

Step 10:

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Grab the "neo cameo" necklace laser cutter files on Thingiverse

Hang acrylic pieces from a long chain.

Step 11:

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Pair with a long black tank top or short dress and some leggings.

Plain white or striped sneakers complete the look.

Don't forget the signature hair and Bowie eye makeup!