This programmable animated elf is the first of many moving devices to be found in Christmas Display 2016. Elmer will be joined by additional elves, Santa, and unusual toys to perform an electromechanical show.

This could be used for halloween, parties or other displays depending on the head, clothes and programming.

Step 1: Parts

I used eight servo motors for movement, three per arm, one for the neck, and one for the head.

Eight RobotGeek 180 degree servo motors:

These motors have an idler horn opposite the motor shaft and they have a rail and bracket system that facilitates mounting--available at Trossenrobotics.com.

Five C brackets

Five Servo Side Brackets

1.5 mm hex wrench

The motors come with enough m2 nuts and bolts to perform the attachments.

3d print the torso, legs and misc. parts. This will take over 25 hours of print time.

When the servo motors arrive, be sure they are positioned at 90 degrees. Run the "dummy ninety degree" Arduino sketch (pin 2 is servo control, 5v and ground can be taken from the Arduino) so that all the motors are in the mid position.

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