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Introduction: Elmo Costume

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This is the Elmo costume that my little sister wore for halloween. I think it turned out great! It has four fingers and ping pong balls were used for the eyes and mouth. It also has a removable head but be warned; it gets freakin hot in there. If you have any questions just comment below and I'll try to respond back.



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    thats so weird my old account that i forgot thepassword of is commenting (wher do you live) ? sorry i have NO idea

    how did you make head and body specifically?

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    We just cut the fabric out to her shape and sewed it together.

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    Why are you telling her to be quiet?

    because she ceepsa saying HI DR.PEPPER1234HOW ARE YOU.

    you know you can hit the reply button and tell him yourself.

    Oh and thank you for subscribing to me

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    WIN! elmo is so amazing but not as awesome as cookie monster! Me gusta galletas <---random spanish....anyway cool project!

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    hi. how are you. why do you reply so much?