Elsa's Snow Storm





Introduction: Elsa's Snow Storm

Every other little girl wants to Elsa so my daughter went as Elsa's Snowstorm. I took tulle in light grey, dark grey and white and used a mesh headband and made a "tutu" with long layers of tulle. I used a woven grass beach hat and cut off the brim. I hot glued the grey and white tulle all over the hat to make a cloud-like head piece. I attached all different types of snowflakes using hot glue and also hung some from the hat and bodice by fishing string. The costume took 2-3 hours to make and cost less then $20.



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    Very nice. You must very proud of your daughter nont only because she is a pretty litlle girl but also because she didn't want to be like the others girls.

    Oh she wanted to be Elsa but I told her when you have a creative mommy sometimes you don't get to be a run of the mill princess lol. When she saw how much attention she got and how many contests she won she was loving it too.