Sometimes, we forget simple but essential things with our busy lifestyle. Being a small thing doesn’t mean that it’s not important in our lives. You might be a coffee lover or a sweets lover. No matter who you are, you feel uncomfortable when you run out of the essential supplies at your home or even your office. This might make your whole day down.

Hence, a method or a system is much needed to remind us when our supplies are running low. This helps us to maintain our lives in a good manner without any obstacles. From my experience, I’m usually running out of A4 sheets as they are a vital part of my university studies. Most of the times, I notice this on Monday morning right before the lecture starts and I have to borrow some from my friends.

To avoid this, I have planned to build a device to alert me when my stationery is low. As I had the second thought of implementing this system to maintain the amount of the essential household items, I built a prototype circuit which can be used at home as well as at working places.

I planned to build this as a pocket sized portable device. Further, this device can be placed outside a transparent liquid container to detect the liquid level inside. Therefore, you can carry this anywhere and use it on a wide range of supplies according to its less space consuming and convenience of setting up properties.

Step 1: Briefing

There are two main tasks that this device can perform.

  1. Measure weight
  2. Detect liquid level

Most of the times we can identify the amount remaining of our supplies by its weight or its liquid level. Therefore, I have included an option to calibrate the device to set the threshold values and it will automatically inform us by flashing a red LED when our supplies are getting lower than the given value. Using the selector switch you can select the method: weight measuring or the liquid measuring.

When our supplies are low usually we go shopping or we order them from online stores. This device automatically sends an email when our supplies are low. So, you don’t have to come home, check the status of supplies and go shopping. Let’s see how this device is built.

<p>Cool project!</p>

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