Rudolph, the Email Reading Reindeer, lets you know when you've got a new email and tells you who sent it.  Here's a demo;

Rudolph uses a Propeller Platform USB to log into the email server, trigger animations, and generate the speech.  An E-Net module handles the Internet connection.  First, I'll answer a few questions, then I'll show you how I built it, and I'll give you a few ideas on how to customize it for your own projects.

Step 1: FAQ

How's it work?
Rudolph regularly connects to your email server via POP, logs in, and checks the number of emails in your inbox.  If you've got a new email, it triggers an animation on the stuffed animal, retrieves the name of the sender and plays it back.

A Propeller Platform USB runs everything, using an E-Net module to handle the Internet connection.  The 'Text-to-Speech' engine also runs on the Propeller; It's really a text-to-phoneme engine, but works well enough to read the name of the sender. 

What about reading something other than email?
Rudolph can tell you the weather, read a sports score, or blink when you get a tweet!  I'll show you how to use any data that's available on a webpage in your own project.

How do I make it work with a different stuffed animal?
It should work with any stuffed animal that has a switch to start/stop animation, and a speaker to play audio.  You could also take emails and display them on a TV - Rudolph isn't a requirement. 

Everything is open source.  I'll go through the program, but if you're impatient, here's the code.
around the turn of the century (circa 2000) I could call yahoo and hear my emails read to me.
My kid has a leapFrog talking dog my pal Scout and I would love to modify it to speak in spanish. would something like this work?
How large do you want the vocabulary to be? If it's not too many words, you can record the language samples onto an SD card and play them back - the <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Toilet-Buddy/" rel="nofollow">Toilet Buddy</a> Instructable would get you started.<br> <br> For generating Text-to-speech, this might work, but it would be pretty rough sounding.
I am trying to make an app to check for new stuff on our classifieds. Could you help me with that?<br><br><br>

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