Emalene, a dead fairy that I had found under a blueberry bush.
Equipment: all you need is a plastic skeleton, scrap of cheesecloth or bandage (tea stained), moss, leaves for wings, jump rings for jewelry,and a box to rest in. All these can be aquired at... gasp... a dollar store!
For wisps of hair I used mohair. To position the limbs use heat.... careful now.... I used a candle, but be careful to not burn your fingers or set the skeleton on fire. I used Fabri-tac adhesive to attach wings and hair.
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<p>Me being me, please do a live one!!!!!!!!!!!</p>
<p>awesome i will try this !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!</p>
I want one. Very, very Cool.
This... is... SO AWESOME!<br><br>Like, seriously... really awesome!
Cool idea! Wish there were more photos showing the stages of how you made her, and maybe some more angles of the finished Emalene.
Freakin' awesome! Thank you!
ok... thats just COOL! I see a new exhibit for my Haunted House ! <br>

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