Here is a cool new way to enhance your Instructables with detailed interactive 3D models created using Autodesk Fusion 360. I'll take you step by step through the process of publishing your Fusion 360 model on the Fusion 360 Gallery and embedding it in your Instructable. Just for fun, I'll be using a model I created retrospectively for the chicken coop I've just finished building in my back yard. Here is the embedded 3D model for you to play with - so you can decide whether its worth reading the rest of this Instructable.

(If you can't see the interactive 3D model above, its probably because you're not using a WebGL-enabled browser, or you're using the Instructables Mobile app).

Step 1: Publish Your Model on the Fusion 360 Gallery

I'll assume you've already got Fusion 360 setup and you've created a model you want to show in your Instructable. Before you can import your model, you must first publish it on the Fusion 360 Gallery. To do this, open your model and click the Share to Fusion360 Gallery button (I've circled it in the image above). This will display a publishing palette on the right of your Fusion 360 model screen.

Select the renderings you want to include in your gallery post, make sure you check the '3D Model' checkbox, and enter a title and description for your model. (You'll be able to tweak or update your Gallery posting later, so don't worry about making everything perfect first time).

Click the 'Publish' Button, and you'll be notified that your Gallery project has been created. Click the 'Open Project' link to open the project in your web browser.

(Note - There may be a delay before your posting becomes fully public, as the Gallery team review your submission).

<p>This does look (potentially) pretty cool, but a few q...</p><p>1. why are there scroll bars on your model? They just seem to reveal black space.</p><p>2. I can't see the cool features you describe on the viewer, e.g. explode.</p><p>3. All I can do with right clicking is &quot;Focus&quot;.</p><p>(Chrome/Windows 8)</p>
<p>Hmm. I see that too now. It was working (honest :-)). Looks like someone edited the stylesheet for the viewer, which has broken the toolbar and context menu. I'll report this to the Fusion Gallery team and ask them to get it fixed. </p>
<p>makendo - those problems are fixed now. Try again.</p>
<p>Oh yeah. Really nice effect. Explode is particularly cool!</p>

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