You've created a great 3D model using Fusion 360. You've embedded that model into an Instructable. Now you want to show off the same model on your Facebook page. Here's how.

(This Instructable assumes you're already familiar with publishing Fusion 360 Models to the Fusion 360 Gallery. If you're not, please read this Instructable first).

Step 1: Create Your Facebook Page

Embedding a Fusion 360 model in Facebook isn’t quite as simple as pasting a URL into a status update, but it’s not hard. You do it by creating your own 'page', and installing one of the many apps available that allows you to embed an iframe into that page.

On your Facebook home page, click the dropdown arrow shown in the image above and select the Create Page option.

On the following screen, select the Page Type. (As I’m creating a page to show off my Fusion 360 models, I chose the ‘Artist, Band or Public Figure’ option, and then selected the category Designer, but you can choose whatever you want).

Then click the ‘Get Started’ button. This takes you to a series of setup forms. What you put here should be obvious, so I’ll save space by not showing all the screenshots here. Once you’ve created the page, you have to click through a few information popups. When you’ve done that, your page should look something like the final image above (but obviously with your own page name and photo – not mine :-).


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