Introduction: Embedding a OLD Apple Logo Into a Macbook

Picture of Embedding a OLD Apple Logo Into a Macbook

I see a bunch of other people have done this as well, So I will post my pictures
and if you folks want to see how I did it, Just leave a request in the comments!

I am a Macgeek, and a Apple Fanboy and as much as I love my macs, I never really
loved Apple, inc for getting rid of the rainbow Apple logo
(Like the one that was on my Apple ][)

So I decided I should "Pimp My Macbook" logo

Step 1: Removing the Display

Picture of Removing the Display Did a Awesome video on youtube how to remove the bezel
from a macbook, so instead of re-inventing the wheel...

You do not need to remove the inverter board, all you need to remove is the bezel
and the screws holding the Display to the back piece.

Step 2: Adding the Colors to the Display

Picture of Adding the Colors to the Display

If you want me to post this step, Please just say so in comments

Step 3: Finished Project

Picture of Finished Project

I took this picture from Flickr (its much better then any of my shots)

This is a 30 minute project for those people not afraid to take a screwdriver
(and some colored tape) (or a actual apple sticker) to their Mac


sebergast (author)2010-02-11

 do you play guitar?

spectacular (author)sebergast2011-07-04

um, why are you asking on this instructable?

sebergast (author)spectacular2011-07-05

no idea, was one year ago.

sebergast (author)2010-02-11

 im going to post a second one but then how to change the logo itself :)
its an idea i got five seconds ago so wish me luck to not demolish my mac :P

sebergast (author)2010-02-11

 lol i was one day earlier :p
did it really take you 30 minutes!!?

limpport (author)2010-02-11 

They've got stickers and they've got translucent inserts.

macgeek (author)limpport2010-02-11

They are MOST excellent!!

Anyone doing this project should use this!


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