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I do not buy a lot of things to embellish gifts with because I like to go natural.  I find natural growing things in my yard or out in the country to embellish gifts for family and friends. I made some cookies and wrapped the gift using a dead rose bud and wrote the recipe on a card. I added old buttons, a ribbon for color  and a small craft clothes pin. 
  • Scissors
  • Glue 
  • Jute
  • Brown bag
  • Dead rose bud
  • Buttons
  • Card stock
  • Old Christmas card
  • Ribbon
  • Craft clothes pin I wished I had a regular wooden clothes pin, it would have set it off.


iamkeebler (author)2011-12-25


sunshiine (author)iamkeebler2011-12-25

Thanks for commenting! Have a great day!

M.C. Langer (author)2011-12-25

I think this is a very good one for the Wrap Star!!

sunshiine (author)M.C. Langer2011-12-25

Thanks again!

M.C. Langer (author)2011-12-25

I love it!! 5 stars!!!

sunshiine (author)M.C. Langer2011-12-25

Thank you so much!

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