Embellish with fibers and free hand embroidery

Picture of Embellish with fibers and free hand embroidery
This is an instructable on how to transform sheer fabrics. I used this method to create a blouse for my mom.

I have made the felt in a non traditional way (not with felting needles), I used a variegated thread and sewn in free motion over the natural alpaca fibers. It is used as an applique embellishment
on a silk blouse.

What you'll need:

  • Lightweight, loose weave fabric: cotton muslin or silk
  • Natural wool fibers in different colors. I used alpaca fibers for the blouse (purple, yellow, green, blue)
  • Sewing machine
  • Scissors
  • Drawing - colored crayons, paper
  • Pins
  • Variegated embroidery thread
  • Iron on tear away stabilizer

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Step 1: Create Sketch

Picture of Create Sketch
Create your sketch on drawing paper. Use colored crayons so youll know what color of fiber goes where.

Step 2: Iron on Stabilizer

Picture of Iron on Stabilizer
Iron on tear away light stabilizer on the wring side of your fabric, where the application will be. Do this after the pattern pieces were cut out and before they are assembled for sewing. Make sure the iron is set according to the fabric you are sewing. Try to do this on a scrap piece and see if you can rip it off easily, without damaging the fabric. On my organza, I could tear it away by pulling grain wise. Pulling cross grain would tear my fabric also.

Step 3: Trace Drawing onto Fabric

Picture of Trace Drawing onto Fabric
Trace the drawing on the right side of your fabric. Use an embroidery transfer crayon or chalk. I used a piece of dry soap to trace and it will come out easily with water when washed.
Very clever and beautiful!
Stunning! Wow! BEAUTIFUL!
luvit6 years ago
i wear it and look muscular.
mikeasaurus6 years ago
wow! I've seen similar designs on women' s clothing and I absolutely love it. Great design, and a well written instructable! Great job!