Step 5: Put it all Together

Picture of Put it all Together
Attach your sections of chain to the connector piece as shown (one on the left, one in the middle, one on the right).

Figure out which earring will be LEFT and which earring will be RIGHT. From now on, you need to keep track of this or you may end up with earrings that are not mirror images of each other!

You want mirror images when making earrings and not "copy-pasted" images.

Attach earring hooks to each earring by opening the top loop of your connectors.

Using the jump rings, attach the cube beads to links in the chain. Again, keep track and make your earrings mirror images of each other. So in these earrings, the left earring has a bead on the last link, no beads on the middle dangle, and a bead on the first link. The right earring goes first link, none, last link. Mirror image, not copy-paste.

Finally attach the decorated head pins to the middle dangle and you've completed the earrings!