Step 7: Done!

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"Voila!" (or "Viola!")

Embossed velvet can be dry-cleaned. Do not wash. Saturation can loosen the pressed fibers and muddy or erase the images. That said, I've used embossed velvet scarves as my winter scarves and have been impressed by how well they have withstood scrunching, rain and snow for years. Of course, velvet will look better if not subjected to this treatment.
gallimaufry5 years ago
Wow - I hadn't heard of this before - have to try it soon.  Thanks for the clear instructions.
filigreeliv6 years ago
Very clear instructions and helpful tips both here and on website. Thanks.
Glad to hear it - thanks for commenting!
bugcam6 years ago
has anyone tried using a heavy lace as a stamp for this craft...just wondering, would love to see that effect!
Inklings and Imprints (author)  bugcam6 years ago
You know - I've not actually tried it. I've read it mentioned a number of times online, but have yet to actually see either images or tutorials reporting results. I just did a quick search online and didn't find anything, either - many sites mentioning lace as an option, but with no other info. Hmmm - maybe I've just been parroting the idea that it can be done, along with many others, but no one can actually report any success?

Because lace is only so thick, I would think that it would be very hard (or impossible) to get a crisp, consistent or complete transfer of the lace pattern. I think you could get some very lovely patterns, though, that would sort of fade in and out a bit.

Again, do be aware of the content of the lace, though. Anything with nylon or some other petroleum-based material might lead to some nasty sticky, smokey, chokey surprises!

If you do try it, let me know - I'd be very interested in the results.

will let you know,lol.
bugcam6 years ago
Well presented info, Thanks sooo much. Beautiful work, cant wait to try it. Oh, can be drycleaned...great! hmmm, giftbags, scarves, wizard capes, lol... I have some lino blocks that I made a while back, will try them out. Favorited this instructable!!
Inklings and Imprints (author)  bugcam6 years ago
Glad you like it! It is a great craft.
Thanks for a fabulous tutorial. Can you make the imprints with other materials than rubber stamps? (Wood, metal, potato stamps, etc.?)
Yup - anything that has a raised texture and won't melt under heat. Lace, wire mesh, metal batiking stamps, woodblocks, etc.. If you are using something that has a smoother and harder surface, you may have to practice a bit so that the velvet doesn't slide against the surface, creating double or ghostly edges.
Grey_Wolfe7 years ago
I love this project. Where did you happen to get your stamps? The triangle one is lovely.