Tired of people mistaking your Moleskine for theirs?
Sick of being accused of stealing when you carry yours proudly from the local office supply store?
Or just want to express yourself on every modifiable surface of everything you own?

I have your solution!

Inspired by the notebook embossing instructables by DemolisionWolf and randofo, this technique has the flexibility of imprinting your desired designs without a 3D printer or laser cutter, and when the bent-wire method doesn't quite float your boat.

Join me on an epic journey to make your notebook... your notebook.

Step 1: Gather Stuff

- scissors
- hobby knife
- small files and/or fine sandpaper
- hair dryer
- G-clamps

- stiff sheet material
- an acetate sheet of reasonable thickness (mine was about 0.75-1 millimetre thick)
- masking tape
- Moleskine-style notebook (I've only tried it on the leather-backed ones, so I'm not sure about the effects on notebooks with other cover materials. If in doubt, don't try it on your favourite notebook just yet.)
- print-out or drawing of your desired icon

You can search for logos and emblems online, or draw your own.
Make sure your image is the right size: try cutting one out and placing it on your notebook to get an idea of the positioning you want.
Print multiple icons on the same sheet of paper in case you stuff it up.
Flameo to you too!
Hooray for the fire nation!!! Hello my good hotman.
Try using a bandsaw or something if you have it, may produce better results.
24hrs? I think you would only need to wait until the leather had return to room temperature. Its not going to change after that. <br>Damping the leather would certainly help the quality of the impression. Gave me some good ideas though.
Can it be that easy? Wow
Way cool. Question: Would it help to dampen the leather in the area of the embossing? I am thinking back to my days of leather stamping with Tandy tools. <br> <br>Congrats on being Featured.
Thanks a lot! It would probably lower the risk of splitting the leather, I'll try it next time.
cool I will do this to my moleskins
I like the entire process, we only need to have extra care on the preparation of the emboss logo, but really it's so easy to do.
I wonder if you sandwiched the notebook and die between two boards the same size as the notebook and clamped the boards together if it would minimize deformations and the odd impression caused by your clamps.
These are great instructions! I might just try this technique when I want to deboss an image into the cover of one of my notebooks. <br> <br>It seems that heat is an important element here.

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