Introduction: Emboss

Picture of Emboss

Used soft : Rhinoceros / Meshmixer
Used machine : 3D printer

[Embossed pattern]
Used soft : Illustrator
Used machine : Laser beam machin

Step 1: [body] Modeling

Picture of [body] Modeling

Used soft : Rhinoceros

Step 2: [body] 3D Printing

Picture of [body] 3D Printing

output it with 3D printer

Used soft : Meshmixer
Used machine : 3D printer

Step 3: [body] 3D Print Finished

Picture of [body] 3D Print Finished

remove it from a board

Used : scraper

Step 4: [Embossed Pattern] Creating Drawings

Picture of [Embossed Pattern] Creating Drawings

Used soft : Illustrator

Step 5: [Embossed Pattern] Cut Data

Picture of [Embossed Pattern] Cut Data

Used machine : Laser beam machin

Step 6: [Embossed Pattern]Finished

Picture of [Embossed Pattern]Finished

1.Paste [Embossed pattern] on [body] in double sided tape.
2.sandwich the paper

Used : double sided tape



DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2016-11-20

This is a great idea. Commercial embossers are ridiculously expensive. 3D printing this could save you a tone of money.

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