Made out of 3 Nickels and 3 paper clips.

Step 1: Draw It Out

Draw out what you think looks like a monster. Once you settle on your design, make an exploded drawing of your monster.
Evil and cute I like it
I'm about 5 hours into making one for my ex girlfriend (hoping that changes).<br><br>I got everything done but the arms, mine's a little different. &lt;3 on the stomach and vampire teeth mouth. Pictures in a few days.<br><br>
This is an adorable craft - I wish I had the tools required to make it, because it's probably the cutest thing I've ever seen made from nickels. No. Not probably. DEFINITELY.
Great instrucable. I just finished making one. Though I used pieces of a drum cymbal that my drummer broke to make it instead of nickels
how strong is the nickels after you do all this stuff to them? like this little guy which is soooo cute btw, and the rings and the charms? how strong is it, will it bend? will the rings be squished up if you bump them? I'm just curious, don't get mad at me for asking...
The nickels are great. The little guy is holding up fine. <br> <br>I keep my cell phone on a ball chain with these same time of paper clip rings at the ends. Two years of pulling on the chain and the rings have not failed me yet.
see now that would be cool, I have a cell phone charm and this would be cool to have dangling out of my pocket. I have an Asian butterfly right now. (the thread kind.) Maybe you can make a cell phone charm out of a nickle that looks like a butterfly. I'd love to see that one.
<p> <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Steel-Butterfly-Pendant/">Here it is.</a></p>
I'm sorry, I meant for a cell phone charm, I saw that one. I meant smaller. :) that one is gorgeous as well but it might be to big for a cell phone charm.
Congrats on second place! Your 'ibles are always my favorite to read!
You do some incredible work! This is one I'm definitely gonna try. My wife is going to love this. Thx
Here it is, finally. Wife loved it. Thx!!!
wow! <br>i thought this was made with sheet metal or something, coins were the last thing that came to mind!<br><br>definitely a summer project!
This is adorable and I really really want it,
Wow, I never would have guessed you made this out of coins! Its so cool, I want to make one now :D
looks great
Gah! Simple! Elegant! Brilliant!
Would you ever be thinking about taking requests or selling any? I would love to have something like this, but simply do not have the tools to make it.
Sorry about that, didn't notice you were the creator of this too. I've already asked you if you'd be selling. Nevermind. :P
What did you use to make the first cuts?
Sorry about that. Use tin snips, also known as metal shears. You could maybe even use some heavy duty scissors. I add some pictures. <br>
Thanks! Also, to grind them down, do I need a cordless drill or do you think a dremmel will work?
I used a scouring pad. See the 3rd picture on step two. But you could get away with using some 1000 grit sand paper by hand. All my supplies come the auto section at Walmart. <br> <br>The key is to use a smooth faced hammer on a smooth surface. If you hammer on concrete you'll mar up the surface too bad to smooth it by hand.
Sorry; what I meant was after you cut it with the tinsnips, to grind it to the shape you want. Thanks for getting back to me so quickly, btw. I'm really looking foreward to giving this a try! <br>
It looks like the pieces were grinded down to size with some kind of sander
Betcha U r gonna win... luv Key chains
I simply love this. <br>Your results are great looking, and you didn't have to resort to overpriced methods or materials. <br>Thanks for brightening my day.
Really appreciate the comment, thanks.
This looks great. If you have the time more details in the instructable would be helpful (as you can probably tell from the comments). People familiar with metal working wouldn't have a problem at all but with a little more detail this could be a really fun first project for someone. Great idea tho and super-cute finished product. Now I just have to come up with a good monster design!
Thanks. I know what I'm thinking while I'm typing but I'm unaware of what's &quot;lost in translation&quot;. <br> <br>By all means, let me know. I would appreciate it and would love to provide more detail wherever you want it.
How did you hammer the pieces? Did you heat them, or just smash them 'till they became 5 cent pancakes. Also, did you use American nickels or Canadian, because they might be made differently. Anyways, great Instructable, its going to be the first on I do this year.
I just hammer away on American nickels without heating. They're mostly made out of a copper alloy so the work well. Thanks for you comment.
This one has my vote, but I cannot find a place for it! Has the contest closed?
It hasn't opened yet.
By embossing, you mean that you hammered in the design, right?
Yes. I hammerd in the design and then blacked it out with marker. When you wipe off the excess your better able to see the embossing.
What do you mean a stencil? Does the tracing transfer onto the nickle or something, like a tatoo?
I put a pink post-it note behind the paper for better visibility. When I traced the parts out on the nickels I simply put the nickel behind the paper and ran a marker on the outline. You can see how the marker bled onto the paper.

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