Embossing Designs Into Duct Tape





Introduction: Embossing Designs Into Duct Tape

     Here is a way to place designs and patterns on your duct tape projects without risk of them peeling or rubbing off. This raised image will remain in place despite the wear of everyday use. It is perfect for adding an extra piece of flair to any project.

Step 1: The Design

     After you have picked your design, create a piece of tape with no exposed sticky side. This is done by sandwiching together two pieces of tape. Make sure this tape is larger than the design you want to use.
     Once you have this base, sketch out the design on its surface. Do not worry over bad lines or erasing, this part will not be seen in the finished product. When laying down your design, keep in mind that small gaps may not show up in the end, so it might help to widen those areas if possible.

Step 2: Cutting

     Once you have your pattern in place start cutting it out. If you make a mistake cutting, it is not the end of the world. If you align the two halves the cut it will not show up when you're finished. This is helpful when getting to open areas in the middle of your design.

Step 3: Setting It In

     Now that you have your design cut out it is time to insert it into your project. Lay out a strip of tape with the sticky side up and place the figure on top of it. Lay down more tape on top of the whole thing, sticky side down, and sandwich the design in. Now using the fleshy part of your finger, press in the tape around the edges of the figure. This should leave a raised, defined shape in the face of the tape.

Step 4: Versatility

     The area of embossed tape you've made can be integrated into many tape projects, or become a piece all its own. Your images can be as simple or complex as you can manage.



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    This looks cool! I'm gonna try it on my duct tape wallets.

    must take a steady hand to do that.

    I like this a lot. Thank you for sharing the skill!

    I really like this idea! It's simple, quick, and super easy! Lol! ?

    So cute! Do you have an Instagram

    Like, AWESOME! Just a question, how do you do the rose or the dragon? just asking because they aren't one piece like the shield.