Introduction: Embossing Finish

Picture of Embossing Finish

Make embossing.

Step 1: Make Data of the 3D Modeling

Picture of Make Data of the 3D Modeling

Data is made by a Rhinoceras.

Step 2: Use the 3D Printer

Picture of Use the 3D Printer

Step 3: Output

Picture of Output

Output it one by one.

Step 4: Put Together

Picture of Put Together

Put two together.

Step 5: Make a Data

Picture of Make a Data

Data is made by an illustrator.

Step 6: Laser-cutting

Picture of Laser-cutting

The material 3 millimeters of acrylic board.

It cut in a laser cutter.

Step 7: Traial Push

Picture of Traial Push

Step 8: Finally

Picture of Finally

Stick emboss on 3D modeling.

Use the double-stick tape.



sun. (author)2017-04-11

Really cool idea. Now, I just need to get to know someone with a laser cutter and 3D printer :-)

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