Introduction: Embossing

Picture of Embossing

Embossing can be made.

Step 1: To Send the Data in 3D Printer

Picture of To Send the Data in 3D Printer

To create a body of data in Rhinoceros.

Software for 3D printer data adjustment.

Sending 3D data from 3D printer.

Step 2: Creating a 3D Model

Picture of Creating a 3D Model

3D modeling of the data sent from computer.

To create the top and bottom two parts.

Step 3: Remove the Support

Picture of Remove the Support

Remove the support.

To check the upper and lower parts.

Step 4: Create a Face

Picture of Create a Face

Create in illustrator.

Laser processing machine sends data to cut the acrylic plate.

Cut parts powder to wash with water.

Step 5: Try Press and Hold

Picture of Try Press and Hold

Press sample.

Step 6: Put the Double-sided Tape

Picture of Put the Double-sided Tape

Put the double-sided tape on the face.

Fainally together face and body.



ranalex (author)2017-08-26

This is kind of hard to follow. Why didn't you just 3D print the plates? When designing the plates, are the words raised on one plate and cut into the other plate? Kind of confusing and really couldn't make my own from these instructions.

stechi (author)2016-11-22

Great idea, this has really got me thinking! Well done!

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