Get ready for Valentine's Day by whipping up your very own set of Conversation Heart Coasters!  For more details see my blog JustBCrafty.com

US size 8 knitting needles
worsted weight acrylic yarn, white and V-Day inspired colors
Knitted Heart Pattern
yarn needle

Step 1: Knit the heart

To make these coasters I used Julie's beautiful Knitted Heart Pattern from "Julie and The Knits" with a slight modification.  I wanted them to be a little longer than the original pattern calls for so in between each decrease row in forming the apex of the heart, I added 3 rows of knit.

So Step 1 is to knit your hearts.  Find the pattern here.
<p>Nice pattern, very cute idea. It's a great way to make your table a little more festive for the holiday :)</p>
<p><strong>I MADE these! SOOOO cute &amp; easy!!</strong></p>
<p>These are so cute. Thanks for sharing our hard work and have a great day.</p><p>sunshiine</p>
<p>sooo cute! love the colors :)</p>

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