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I was going to make this a Step-by-Step Instructable, but basically it would be instructions on using a really specific model of the Singer Futura embroidery machine and software. I really didn't feel like going into detail on how to use their software since it is relativity intuitive and my settings wouldn't be helpful since it generally takes a bit of fussing from job to job.

Instead, here is photo documentation of how to set up your fabric and thread the machine. The machine needs to be re-threaded between each layer (color).

I was attaching fusible backing to the pack of each patch that I made so that it could be ironed on (if desired) to whatever I wanted to attach it to.

F.A.T. Lab represent!


nandohaze (author)2015-05-07

in that kind of machine, you can make any draw you have or only precharged in the program?

jtrc (author)2014-03-09

how do you command only one patch from such a site ?

Cash+Threads (author)2012-10-30

FAT Lab is the best! Awesome project! Can you post the design file for this please?

randofo (author)Cash+Threads2012-10-30

If I can find the files, I will post it up. I'm glad you approve! FAT Lab is the best.

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