I was going to make this a Step-by-Step Instructable, but basically it would be instructions on using a really specific model of the Singer Futura embroidery machine and software. I really didn't feel like going into detail on how to use their software since it is relativity intuitive and my settings wouldn't be helpful since it generally takes a bit of fussing from job to job.

Instead, here is photo documentation of how to set up your fabric and thread the machine. The machine needs to be re-threaded between each layer (color).

I was attaching fusible backing to the pack of each patch that I made so that it could be ironed on (if desired) to whatever I wanted to attach it to.

F.A.T. Lab represent!

nandohaze3 months ago

in that kind of machine, you can make any draw you have or only precharged in the program?

how do you command only one patch from such a site ?

FAT Lab is the best! Awesome project! Can you post the design file for this please?
randofo (author)  Cash+Threads2 years ago
If I can find the files, I will post it up. I'm glad you approve! FAT Lab is the best.