Step 5: Finishing the Quilt

When you've got the whole thing quilted... all you have to do is sew on the binding tape, and you're finished!

Now you can snuggle up in it!
You said 16- 3inch squares sewn together with 1/4in allowance would make a 12.5 inch square. I don't understand because even with no seam a 4x4 square of 3 inches each would already only be 12 x 12 inches? Can you fix the error or explain? Thanks! <br>
Very pretty. I love all the embroidery and stitching you did by hand. It is becoming a lost art, I believe. I think sewing 'with' a sewing machine is becoming a lost art too. Very few people I know even know how to sew period.
Nice, the doggies are so cute!

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