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My friends and I decided to do another handmade secret santa gift exchange.  My friend love this one so much I decided to make one for her!


HollyMann (author)2013-06-25

How did you make it? :) I love it!!! So beautiful!!!

This is the original guide I made for this
Hope that helps!

Penolopy Bulnick (author)2012-12-21

Cool Did you use the same method as before or did you free hand it?

I used the same method as before :)

what method? :))

eyesee (author)2013-01-10

Beauty is also very beautiful

kendeliza (author)2012-12-21

I love it! The choice of fabric is really fitting. I can't wait to see your next one!

I have another one done! I sent you a picture!

jessyratfink (author)2012-12-21

I love these - they're so awesome. :D

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