This instructable will teach you the very basics of embroidery. Learning to embroider is not as tough as you might think!

Plus, embroidery is a nice relaxing thing to do after a long day. :D

Below are some of my embroideries - I sell them on etsy in my shop, making jiggy.

Step 1: Tools or hardware, if you prefer.

Picture of Tools or hardware, if you prefer.
To start embroidering, you'll need the following items:
  • embroidery hoop - this is a ring consisting of two parts. You put the fabric in between the hoops - this helps keep it taut, making the embroidering easier.
  • small, sharp scissors. You can find these under many names.
  • your fabric of choice! In most cases, this shouldn't be loosely woven or too stretchy. Simple quilting cotton will work fine.
  • embroidery floss. This is cheap and comes in TONS of colors.
  • embroidery needles. These have bigger eyes than normal needles to accommodate the size of the floss.
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fkflores made it!6 years ago
I've been meaning to show you the Japanese curtains I made for my boyfriend after reading your Instructable! I have never done anything artsy before and this was my first attempt at embroidery. It was a lot of hard work but I pulled it off... Thanks again!
jessyratfink (author)  fkflores6 years ago
Those are amazing! You did a beautiful job. Did you like doing it? Because I think you should keep on with it if you did - you seem to have a knack for it! :D

Hello! I just began embroidering, and I have a question about transferring patterns. Is there a way to transfer your own, hand drawn patterns onto fabric? I searched the internet and all I could find were pre-made iron on designs. Thanks!

If you have a laser printer (not an inject printer):

* Scan you drawing in

* Print a mirror copy of your picture

* Put the paper on your fabric and iron it on

The reason why it works is because the printer work by essentially melting toner on the paper. So heating it up again will release some of the ink back onto the fabric. Most copiers and high end color printers work the same way.

An alternative method is to make the mirror image with computer and trace the picture with a washable crayon.

aurorathewise3 months ago

How do you get the floss to stop falling out of the needle when you make a stitch?

jessyratfink (author)  aurorathewise3 months ago

Keep a tail of about 2-3 inches long through the eye of the needle and try to hold your needle very close to the eye. The long tail and the pressure from your fingers will help keep it in place.

Once you've done it for a while, you can embroider with hardly any tail - it'll become second nature to constantly check to make sure you won't pull the thread out. :)

ahmadt26 months ago

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dixon.martin9 months ago

Thank you for doing this. It looks like you put a lot of work into it, and it is fantastic.

tlouisa1 year ago

Hi there! I am really new to this so I have really enjoyed reading your instructions but I am a little confused with this.. So, on the 4th picture (or the 1st one in the row of three) would you then put the needle back left and go through the fabric right next to the first stitch that is there? Then after this would you need to make a double long stitch on the back so it stretches out far enough for you to do the same thing again?

Hi tlouisa, from what I understand you to be saying, I think you are right. Just to make sure, in the photo below the black arrow shows where the needle goes back in, and the green dot shows roughly where the needle should come back up. Then the need would go back in where you see the thread coming up in this picture.

Edited 4th Backstitch pic.jpg
PennyB111 months ago

Thank you for taking the time to create this great easy-to-understand instruction page. I've been wanting to start an embrodery project for a while now and now I feel like I can do it! I'm so excited to get started on a pillow cover. I'm heading over to Michael's right now to get my supplies. :o)

neetz3 years ago
i am making a purse and i want to embroid it but it is way too small to use an embroidery loop. can i do it without it?

I know this is old but I thought answering might help someone later one...embroidery hoops come in MANY different sizes. The smallest I have personally are 2 inches in diameter (across the middle of the circle) and the biggest is 14 inches in diameter. I think the sizes are available in 2 inch increments, but I could be wrong and there are likely larger/smaller hoops than what I have. Hope that helps!

pretty one lolz
This was wonderful. Thank you for being so informative, and your photos were terrific. Thank you.
pjds782 years ago
Thank you for sharing this tutorial. I need to have reminders on stitches occasionally now that I get forgetful. It will be nice to have this handy , you did a beautiful job on showing the different stitches.
destiny1952 made it!3 years ago
i just wanted to share a quilt that i just finished. the pegasus is hand embroidered with yarn. I wanted to do something with my art besides doing on paper. anyways, thanks for letting me share....
GlenCoco3 years ago
Thank you, very well done! <3
kjoberk3 years ago
Cannot wait to do this! I'm planning on making my daughters monster lovies for Christmas and need to embroider the happy, happy monster smiles!! I'll be going to get some embroidery thread this week! Thank you so, so much!
Can not get the hang of this! Ahhh It looks as tho it is going to work then when I pull it through it unwraps and comes through as a stitch : (
Any advice?
jessyratfink (author)  frannylaurie4 years ago
It could be that your needle is coming out and going into the fabric very close together. Sometimes, when I try to bring the needle down really close to where I started, it can form a larger hole and I'll just end up pulling the knot right through! I've done it tons of times when I've been in a rush.

If that's not what's happening, I'd make sure to wrap it at least two times, and hold the thread taut until the thread loop forms and starts to goes through the knot. Sometimes it can be tempting to let go too early. I've done that too and had it unravel. :)

This is a good video, too, if you think watching it being done might help:
Thanks so much, great tutorial!!!
jessyratfink (author)  luckystar19854 years ago
Yay! You're welcome. :)
jessyratfink (author) 6 years ago
I think I'm going to re-do all the pictures soon and add satin stitch. :D
jessyratfink (author)  jessyratfink4 years ago
Pictures dooooooooone!
Vair neat, this is an awesome Instructable :D
jessyratfink (author)  Kryptonite4 years ago
Thank you! I'm very happy with the updates. :)
Love them!
jensenr304 years ago
bumpus7 years ago
I am still in the dark about this FSM/Flying Spaghetti Monster thing... Otherwise, awesome instructable!
charchar24 years ago
Those are wonderful pictures! Very detailed and explanatory. :)
charchar25 years ago
I really want to know how to do the blanket stitch, but I don't understand your instructions. Do you think you could put on a video? If you do, let me know. other than that, this is a great instructable! I'm rating it 4 stars.
There are all sorts of how -to embroider videos on you tube
Thanks a lot! I think I understand it now! :)
This is so wonderful I love embroidery. I also love to do ribbon embroidery. If you know how to embroider with embroidery floss, using the ribbons are a sinch. the stitches just pop! lately i've been felting fleece, making baby slippers and putting a blanket stitch all around. some how I'm going to make an Instructable, because It's an easy and fun little project.
0jack made it!6 years ago
Thank you so much for this awesome refresher. I haven't embroidered anything in about ... well, polyester was cool back then. And, I never could get french knots right. I found Pimp Stitch and am doing the little Lovebugs pattern with some floss I had left over from my cross-stitch phase. I just did 10 french knots in a row, no troubles, thanks to your i'ble. Below is a not-very-good photo of the half-way point taken with my Mac's camera.
Lovebug #1
Awesome, can't wait to try this out =)
lilgirl6 years ago
Thank you for the great pictures! I just started and could not get the hang of the french knot until your directions and pictures! Thanks!!
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