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Introduction: Embroidery-Hoop Clock

About: This summer I graduated from Ball State University with a degree in Criminal Justice and Criminology and moved to Tampa with my finance, who just started his first year of grad school at USF. I love to make...

I used a 9" wooden embroidery hoop, painted and wrapped with muslin. Birds and heart design applique are handmade and hand embroidered around the edges. All twelve hours of the clock are represented with buttons. This working clock is hung by a nail with a satin bow on the wall.



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    Great idea! I really love it!!!

    This is a great idea! Can't wait to make one for my Grandma -- she'd LOVE it!

    Where can you get just the like, motorized backing for a clock? and the hands?

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    I have seen them sold together (hands and motor) at large craft stores like Hobby Lobby with prices ranging from $6.00-$15.00 (depending on the style and quality). However, I'm a fan of up-cycling so I purchase old wall clocks from goodwill and take them apart to reuse the motor and hands. The best part of choosing this option is the variety of unique styles to choose from and the great, low prices! If you go shopping on the right days you can get all the parts you need for as low as $1.50! Just check the goodwill website to find out when your local Goodwill has a day where the entire store is 50% off, which occurs at least once a month.

    Hope this helps! And let me know if you need any help while making it. I'd be happy to help where/when I can. I've been meaning to create a step by step guide but I've been waiting until I make another one to take photos of each step to add. Unfortunately, I haven't found the time yet...

    Oh, one helpful hint: the fabric wrapped in the hoop won't be strong enough to support the battery box on the back, so I traced an outline of the smaller part of the hoop onto some cardboard, cut it out, and then inserted it behind the wrapped fabric. Also, after I insert the small prong from the battery box that the hands will rest on through the cardboard and fabric, I then use some packing tape to hold down the battery box from a little extra support. Just make sure the cardboard isn't too thick because you want some "loose" space for the hands to be able to move freely, or else you get a slow clock. Hopefully I explained this in a way that makes sense. Let me know if not, it's kinda hard to find the right adjectives sometimes. :)

    Happy crafting!

    Totally get it, and the goodwill is a great idea! I will be going there soon now- and askign you for advice on how to take it apart :)

    Michael's has clock motors and hands.

    Hi! This is such a great idea! We're having a contest over on Easy Crafts and I would love it if you would add this there: http://easycrafts.wikia.com/wiki/Spring_Craft_Contest!

    oh this is beautiful! i can see it was done with much care and skill! :D