Embroidery Floss Organizer With a Piece of Carton





Introduction: Embroidery Floss Organizer With a Piece of Carton

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This is a easy embroidery floss organizer made with a piece of carton.
Enjoy it!!!


Step 1: Little Carton Squares

Cut from a carton box little squares with about 5cm x 5cm and cut four grooves in as the picture shows. /

Se corta de una caja de cartón pequeños cuadros de aproximadamente 5cm x 5cm y se hacen cuatro ranuras en el mismo como se muestra en la imagen de abajo.


Step 2: Floss With Knot

In the end of the thread, make a knot and it will be plug in one of the grooves of the carton square like in the images. /
Después, en un extremo del hilo se hace un nudo y se atora en una de las ranuras del cuadro de cartón como en las imágenes.


Step 3: Coiling All the Floss

Start coiling all the floss in the cardboard and the final end is plugged in the next groove. /

Se comienza a enrrollar todo el hilo en el cartón y el extremo final se atora en la ranura más próxima.


Step 4: Ready!!!, Disaster to Organizing

Ready... all the floss organized




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    super easy, yet so efficient for organising your thread. Have lost count of the times I've had to throw floss out as it tangles so easily. Thank you for sharing.

    ooh i gotta make some of these ! my embroidery floss is laying in a pile right now :P

    1 reply

    :) i understand your problem!!! hahahaha... so, you have some tutorial useful for embroidery stuff??? i would like to share ideas about creative things :) thanks for your comment. Greetings from Mexico!!!

    haha this is awesome, I almost broke down and bought those at the store!

    1 reply

    :) oh I'm really happy because this tutorial is usefull for somebody, enjoy it :)