Introduction: Emerald Chainmail Choker and Earrings

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Hi everybody! I made this choker and earrings as a birthday present for my next door neighbor, so I decided to to put it on instructables as well. Do whatever color beads you like, and you can also make the middle one longer too. It`s really easy to make, so enjoy!

Step 1: Materials

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Small silver jump rings (you can make your own if you have to)

Needle nosed pliers

Small glass beads

Eye pins

Earring hooks

Step 2: Jump Rings

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Take one jump ring and put two rings on that one, close the ends. Repeat that until you have a desired length. Add a clasp to each end.

Step 3: Eye Pins and Beads

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Put the chain around your neck and find the middle ring. Attach an eye pin to that one. Add four glass beads and bend the end of the pin under. Put four pins on either side of the middle one. The earrings are made the same way. Four jump rings and a eye pin.

Step 4: Finished.

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And there you go! Use whatever color beads you want, and you can use gold or bronze wire too. Hope you liked it!


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Bio: I live on a ranch in central B.C. with animals. I play the violin, viola, cello and piano and I love making exotic crafts.
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