Picture of Emerald and Ebony: My Drawing Process
Hello, and welcome to my second Instructable! I will be showing you how I drew this picture, which I have entitled Emerald and Ebony. This mostly just shows my drawing process, though I hope it can help teach people, as well. 

I used GIMP, or rather, GIMP Paint Studio. GIMP can be downloaded for free from here. The GIMP Paint Studio plugin can be downloaded here. The same principles I use can be applied to other programs--the reason I use GIMP is because it's free. :) 
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Step 1: Sketching it out

Picture of Sketching it out
Fullscreen capture 9262012 43335 PM.jpg
Fullscreen capture 9262012 44037 PM.jpg
Fullscreen capture 9262012 44720 PM.jpg
Fullscreen capture 9262012 65526 PM.jpg
Fullscreen capture 9262012 70102 PM.jpg
The first thing I did was open up GIMP and create a new image. I set the size to 1600 x 1200 pixels, and the resolution to 300 ppi. I then created a new layer and labeled it "Sketch." 

I checked "Opacity" and "Size" under "Pressure" in the Paintbrush settings, and, using the default Round brush, I started sketching out my picture. The sketch doesn't have to be perfect, but I played around for a while until I was happy with it. 

Once I finished the sketch, I selected the background layer and added a simple green gradient. 

Step 2: Outlining

Picture of Outlining
Fullscreen capture 9262012 75128 PM.jpg
Fullscreen capture 9262012 81216 PM.jpg
Fullscreen capture 9262012 84636 PM.jpg
Fullscreen capture 9262012 84639 PM.jpg
Fullscreen capture 9262012 84753 PM.jpg
Fullscreen capture 9262012 90029 PM.jpg
Fullscreen capture 9262012 93930 PM.jpg
Fullscreen capture 9262012 94027 PM.jpg
Fullscreen capture 9262012 94907 PM.jpg
Fullscreen capture 9262012 94927 PM.jpg
Fullscreen capture 9262012 95456 PM.jpg
Fullscreen capture 9272012 82414 AM.jpg
Fullscreen capture 9272012 84957 AM.jpg
The next thing I did was outline my drawing. I lowered the opacity on the Sketch layer to 40%, then created a new layer for the outline. Look through the images for further instruction. :)

Step 3: Coloring, Part 1--Face

Picture of Coloring, Part 1--Face
Fullscreen capture 9272012 85457 AM.jpg
Fullscreen capture 9272012 85842 AM.jpg
Fullscreen capture 9272012 90811 AM.jpg
Fullscreen capture 9272012 90934 AM.jpg
Fullscreen capture 9272012 91319 AM.jpg
Fullscreen capture 9272012 92430 AM.jpg
Fullscreen capture 9272012 93203 AM.jpg
Fullscreen capture 9272012 93949 AM.jpg
Fullscreen capture 9272012 94718 AM.jpg
Fullscreen capture 9272012 94937 AM.jpg
Fullscreen capture 9272012 95114 AM.jpg
I made a new layer for the color and put it under the lineart layer. I used the soft brush labeled "A-12C round brush" in GPS. After putting down some colors, I used the Smudge tool to blend them together. I debated about making the witch's skin entirely green, but in the end I settled for green around the eyes and cheeks. 

Step 4: Coloring, Part 2--Hair

Picture of Coloring, Part 2--Hair
Fullscreen capture 9272012 62522 PM.jpg
Fullscreen capture 9272012 74956 PM.jpg
Fullscreen capture 9272012 75204 PM.jpg
Fullscreen capture 9272012 75337 PM.jpg
Fullscreen capture 9272012 75530 PM.jpg
Fullscreen capture 9272012 75848 PM.jpg
Fullscreen capture 9272012 75915 PM.jpg
Fullscreen capture 9272012 80005 PM.jpg
Fullscreen capture 9272012 80100 PM.jpg
Fullscreen capture 9272012 90106 PM.jpg
Fullscreen capture 9272012 90357 PM.jpg
Fullscreen capture 9272012 90642 PM.jpg
Fullscreen capture 9272012 90912 PM.jpg
Fullscreen capture 9272012 91146 PM.jpg
I used the same techniques for the hair. Rather than shades of gray, I used shades of grayish-green that gave the hair a green tint to it. 

Step 5: Coloring, Part 3--Hat

Picture of Coloring, Part 3--Hat
Fullscreen capture 9282012 101732 AM.jpg
Fullscreen capture 9282012 101926 AM.jpg
Fullscreen capture 9282012 102032 AM.jpg
Fullscreen capture 9282012 102151 AM.jpg
Fullscreen capture 9282012 102310 AM.jpg
Fullscreen capture 9282012 102422 AM.jpg
Once again, I created a new layer for the hat and drew it out. I put this layer under the hair and over the skin. 
HollyMann2 years ago
You're amazing! Creating that with Gimp is incredible...nothing wrong with Gimp..just assumed Photoshop!!! Good job!
Embercat (author)  HollyMann2 years ago
Thanks so much! :D Heh, I wish it were Photoshop! Until I save up some more money, though, Gimp it is.
I know "Free" software is tough to beat but Sketchbook Pro is free to try and cheap to buy. I'm having fun with it.
If you as me, You ought to have a copy coming soon anyway.
Embercat (author)  John Induna AD2 years ago
Thanks for letting me know! I've only tried Sketchbook once (I downloaded the free trial), but I didn't have the patience to spend time figuring it out. If I happen to win a copy, though, I'll definitely put more effort into it! :)
Congratulations, Hope you will be using SketchBook Pro now.
LBridgeINK2 years ago
Congratulations ! awesome piece
HollyMann2 years ago
Congratulations on winning!!!!!!!! that's awesome!
azharz2 years ago
Wow! What a kitty and a witch.
Embercat (author)  azharz2 years ago
Thanks so much!
azharz Embercat2 years ago
You're welcome
atomic222 years ago
Very nice ible and pic.
Are you using a WACOM tablet or just the mouse?
Embercat (author)  atomic222 years ago
Thank you! I have a small Intuos 3 Wacom tablet. There are some people who can draw well with a mouse... I am definitely not one of them! :)
Nice work,
Keep drawing!
Embercat (author)  John Induna AD2 years ago
Thank you! I love drawing, so I plan on keeping it up for many years to come. :)
This is great! The cat is so cute!
Embercat (author)  PotatoCoffee2 years ago
:D Thank you!
ravenking2 years ago
I like your witch and kitty! :)
Embercat (author)  ravenking2 years ago
Thank you, ravenking! Thanks for following me, as well. :D
ChrysN2 years ago
Great picture! The kitty is really cute.
Embercat (author)  ChrysN2 years ago
Thank you! I love drawing cats. :)
You should enter this into the halloween drawing contest! Its really good!
Embercat (author)  jackjackboom2 years ago
Thank you! :D Yep, I entered it into the drawing contest. Feel free to vote for me! :)
Nice instructions. Oh but you should also make a little movie demo to complement your written demo. You can use this if you want. I find it does a real nice job and best of all its free.
Embercat (author)  Treasure Tabby2 years ago
Thank you! I considered making a video, but I wasn't really sure how, so thanks for the link! I'll have to check it out.
azharz2 years ago
Wow! What a kitty and a witch.