Hello, and welcome to my second Instructable! I will be showing you how I drew this picture, which I have entitled Emerald and Ebony. This mostly just shows my drawing process, though I hope it can help teach people, as well. 

I used GIMP, or rather, GIMP Paint Studio. GIMP can be downloaded for free from here. The GIMP Paint Studio plugin can be downloaded here. The same principles I use can be applied to other programs--the reason I use GIMP is because it's free. :) 

Step 1: Sketching It Out

The first thing I did was open up GIMP and create a new image. I set the size to 1600 x 1200 pixels, and the resolution to 300 ppi. I then created a new layer and labeled it "Sketch." 

I checked "Opacity" and "Size" under "Pressure" in the Paintbrush settings, and, using the default Round brush, I started sketching out my picture. The sketch doesn't have to be perfect, but I played around for a while until I was happy with it. 

Once I finished the sketch, I selected the background layer and added a simple green gradient. 

Step 2: Outlining

The next thing I did was outline my drawing. I lowered the opacity on the Sketch layer to 40%, then created a new layer for the outline. Look through the images for further instruction. :)

Step 3: Coloring, Part 1--Face

I made a new layer for the color and put it under the lineart layer. I used the soft brush labeled "A-12C round brush" in GPS. After putting down some colors, I used the Smudge tool to blend them together. I debated about making the witch's skin entirely green, but in the end I settled for green around the eyes and cheeks. 

Step 4: Coloring, Part 2--Hair

I used the same techniques for the hair. Rather than shades of gray, I used shades of grayish-green that gave the hair a green tint to it. 

Step 5: Coloring, Part 3--Hat

Once again, I created a new layer for the hat and drew it out. I put this layer under the hair and over the skin. 

Step 6: Coloring, Part 4--Cat

I forgot to take screenshots when I was doing the clothing, but I pretty much just used the same principles. I made a new layer, added color, and blended. So, here are some screenshots of the cat. Rather than using the soft brush that I used for the rest of the picture, I used the Oil paint brush, since I like the texture better for fur. 

Step 7: Final Product!

After adding a few final touches, the last thing I did was to save it as a JPG and add Auto Contrast in Picasa. I hope you enjoyed seeing my drawing process! Thank you for viewing! 

If you would like to see more of my work, go to catscribe.weebly.com. 
<p><em>Amazing</em> job! </p>
<p>Very impressive work! Thanks for sharing the process. Favorited!</p>
You're amazing! Creating that with Gimp is incredible...nothing wrong with Gimp..just assumed Photoshop!!! Good job!
Thanks so much! :D Heh, I wish it were Photoshop! Until I save up some more money, though, Gimp it is.
I know &quot;Free&quot; software is tough to beat but Sketchbook Pro is free to try and cheap to buy. I'm having fun with it. <br>If you as me, You ought to have a copy coming soon anyway.
Thanks for letting me know! I've only tried Sketchbook once (I downloaded the free trial), but I didn't have the patience to spend time figuring it out. If I happen to win a copy, though, I'll definitely put more effort into it! :)
Congratulations, Hope you will be using SketchBook Pro now.
Congratulations ! awesome piece
Congratulations on winning!!!!!!!! that's awesome!
Wow! What a kitty and a witch. <br>
Thanks so much!
You're welcome <br>
Very nice ible and pic. <br>Are you using a WACOM tablet or just the mouse?
Thank you! I have a small Intuos 3 Wacom tablet. There are some people who can draw well with a mouse... I am definitely not one of them! :)
Nice work, <br>Keep drawing!
Thank you! I love drawing, so I plan on keeping it up for many years to come. :)
This is great! The cat is so cute!
:D Thank you!
I like your witch and kitty! :)
Thank you, ravenking! Thanks for following me, as well. :D
Great picture! The kitty is really cute.
Thank you! I love drawing cats. :)
You should enter this into the halloween drawing contest! Its really good!
Thank you! :D Yep, I entered it into the drawing contest. Feel free to vote for me! :)
Nice instructions. Oh but you should also make a little movie demo to complement your written demo. You can use this if you want. I find it does a real nice job and best of all its free. http://camstudio.org/
Thank you! I considered making a video, but I wasn't really sure how, so thanks for the link! I'll have to check it out.
Wow! What a kitty and a witch. <br>

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