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Ten years ago I was in middle of the Arabian Desert. My company commander came to me with a ruined power cord and asked “can you fix this?” He had tripped over the cord to his lap top; ripping the plug end right off. I said “sure, where’s the plug?” “Gone.”

We couldn’t exactly go to Best Buy, so I used what I had to make it work. With a couple paper clips, straw, coat hanger and, some chewing gum, it lasted until the mail was up and running. By then he had a new power cord shipped to him. I’ve recreated that emergency repair for this instructable. I used only a multi-tool, just like I did back then.

Step 1: Strip the wires.

Picture of Strip the wires.
Use the blade to separate the wires. Next strip the ends with the cutting parts of the pliers. Only use light pressure or you’ll start cutting the individual wires.
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TheCommander6 months ago
your resourcefulness is respectable.
Legendoflaw2 years ago
But..what flavor gum was it? jk... This is def desperation vs genius and it looks like genius won.
veeguy2 years ago
I love this! As a long time electronic technician I am impressed. This is a very workable "chewing gum and bailing wire" fix. I must admit, if the plug were missing, I'd probably have opened the case and temporarily soldered the PS wires to the circuit board until a replacement cord arrived. Of course that assumes I have solder and tools along with me. Your fix is ingenious.
Phiske2 years ago
Still hope you win! Just an idea, but swap your first and second pic. Maybe it will pop a little more. Good luck!
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Thanks for the well wishes and advice. I've always wanted a leather jacket. =)
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This could really save somebody's tail one day! Thank you in advance, in case I ever need to do this!
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Looks like you just got my vote
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Kudos to you! ( do they still make kudos bars? ) True Macgyver style. Hope there's no hanging chads cuz you got my vote Macgruber!
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WOW! Very impressive!
Thanks Mr!
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I love the way your mind works. Brilliant!
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Very very nice.
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Love it ! Great idea !
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Wow, fantastic!
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True genius! Wow! You _are_ MacGyver!
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Very impressed!! Having pulled alot of shoddy last minute "pray this works" kind of repairs, this really puts my tinkering to shame!!
BeoWulfe2 years ago
Fantastic instructible. Thanks!
Sweet! Now if we can come up with a way to do this for phone chargers with their little connectors we could save the landfills from all the cords my kids break.
Pat_Maroney2 years ago
Holy wow, I would have had zero ideas on how to fix that.
I was amazed you were able to make a thimble out of coathanger like you did. That stuff is hard to work with.
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This is awesome... MacGyver would be proud.... :)