Emergency Ammo Pen


Introduction: Emergency Ammo Pen

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Lets say for a second you were a spy for the blue team in a highly exaggerated airsoft war. All of a sudden, you hear a shot from close by and your instincts guide your shooting hand to your sidearm as the guards flow in. You and your opponent exchange a few shots but still no headway. Finally, it's just you and 3 guards, but you have a huge problem: you have one shot left. Thankfully, you brought your emergency ammo pen and are able to finish off the guards in the nick of time. You will need a cheap Office Depot pen ( or any other pen of the like), airsoft bbs, scissors and these instructions.     Please note that I am NOT RESPONSIBLE for anything you decide to do with this thing                                          

Step 1: The Assembly

First, take out the ink and cut it to 2 1/4" and set it aside. Then take about ten airsoft bbs and put them in the empty case. Then just slip the ink cartridge back in the case and viola! You have a good backup ammo case.

Step 2: Getting the Ammo

Of course, now you have to get the ammo out. All you have to do is put your index finger over the back of the pen and push on the ink side.



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    I usually use a straw with sealed ends I can rip open.

    That's some ingenious stuff, but I'd probably drop all of the bb's on the floor haha

    Your profile pic is the eye of Horus right?

    Creative story :)

    Sorry the pics are crummy, I took them from my phone