Just got my Zippo back from headquarters after having it refurbed due to a bad hinge.  Having not carried one for years now, I am reliving my youth (bought this lighter at a garage sale for something like 50 cents probably 20 years ago) and relearning some old issues.  Every lighter runs out of fuel at some point.  And although Zippos give you a bit of a window, (doesn't light, close it and let it sit, get another light or two out of it) it will eventually stop lighting altogether.  Let's hope this is not when you need it most!  You can always carry a tin of lighter fluid with you at all times, but that's a bit cumbersome.  Here's another idea.

This is pretty basic, but a really good thing to have around if you've ever carried a Zippo lighter (or knockoff, I guess. . .) for any length of time. 

Let's get started!

Step 1: Obtain the Necessities

I have a sample of some eye drops that I got from (conveniently enough) the eye doctor that was just sitting around and not being used.  This seemed to me to be a small and easily carried/stashed container that would be able to hold some extra fluid and be simple to dispense into the lighter when needed.  I've already peeled off the label, as I am not advertising for any specific company or product. But how to get the fluid inside?

Oh, yeah.  You need some lighter fluid as well. . . 
<p>lighters hold lighter fluid pretty good too and they have a built in igniter and are about the same size.</p>
This is an incredibly contructive and insightful comment. Thank you for taking the time to share yourwords of wisdom on an intstructable I made ten years ago. :P
I think that is for what the fuel canister was meant for
lol just write zippo fluid on it so u dont confuse em. good idea, no?
ahahhaahhah yeah putting lighter fluid in your eye would... probably not be very pleasant

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